External WD disc not working

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External WD disc not working

#1 Post by leff »

I have the usual problem with WD elements disc - it has stopped working recently. When I plug it into my computer it shows that some WD elements device is plugged but I cannot enter the files and it's not visible in my computer.
Is there any way to recover this device? I have accumulated a number of important stuff on it, for I have it since october 2011.
If I'm repeating this topic please do say so.
And also I'm quite green to the subject of IT.

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Re: External WD disc not working

#2 Post by TitaniaWD »

Hi there leff,

I am sorry for your difficulties. Have you tried whether the WD Elements works on another PC, connecting it to a different USB port or with another cable? Each one of those things could rule out the basics.
You say that it doesn't show in My Computer, but are you able to see it in Disk Management?
If you see it there and if the drive letter you identified in Disk Management is assigned to a drive other than your WD Elements you will need to manually set the drive letter.
To manually assign a drive letter, bring up Disk Management and right click on the capacity of the drive. Choose Change Drive Letter and Path from the menu. Select Change and select an available letter from the drop box. Click OK to assign the drive letter and close the window. Once assigned, the drive should appear in My Computer with the letter you have selected.
I hope this helps. If not, please let me know what happens and I'll help you further.

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Re: External WD disc not working

#3 Post by leff »

Hi Titania,
thank you very much for your answer.
Yes, I have tried on several computers with different operating systems and also on blue-ray player, on all of which it's been working fine before, and also I have tried different cable.
As for disc management it is visible but it has no letter assigned and I cannot do anything with it. It just says that it is unknown, and not initiated, and that it's capacity is not assigned. If right-clicked on, no possible options are available.
I'm sorry if some names I use are not as they should be, but I'm not native english speaker, so I don't have windows in english, so I'm just literally translating everything I see.
Again thank you for your advice.