Open TestDisk from usb

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Open TestDisk from usb

#1 Post by gcar »

Hi everyone.
I'm new to this. Big headache!
Mac Book Pro won't boot properly. It goes straight to OS X Utilities. Apple store cannot fix or identify the cause, and says to go to a Data Recovery service and pay +$1000 to see if they can recover my files. Are you kidding!?
I downloaded TestDisk onto a USB stick on another computer.
I can "only" access Terminal on the problem Mac, but cannot open the TestDisk file on the USB.
Remember, the computer won't boot properly, so I need to do this from Terminal.
I have spent hours scouring the web for how to do this with no luck. Cannot find a clear explanation of how to do this.
I'm new to Terminal and most how-to's I can find seem to assume that this is a known step.
I can see that the USB stick is /dev/disk13.
I know that the executable file is in the folder testdisk-6.14 and is called testdisk.

How do I open this from Terminal?

Apologies for the stupid question, but this is driving me nuts. Yes, I searched and searched for the answer before posting this and cannot believe I couldn't find anything!

Thanks in advance for any and all help!!