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Restore formatted flash drive?

Posted: 04 Jan 2015, 06:31
by JohnnyTLuxury
So I erased my backup flash drive, asI was purchasing a new hard drive to transfer everything to. So, yes, I only had one copy of my life's work... :(. I did not write anything to that flash drive, but i did notice that Windows was using it as part of my Recycle Bin, so its contents could have varies by a few megs, possibly messing up the file structure making partition recovery more difficult. This seems the case as TestDisk only finds the empty partition as far as I can tell, no matter what I try. Photorec, however finds from what I can tell all my files (over 11000 files, so I'm not sure what it was before i formatted), but with random file names (ex. F45366278.cpr) Why can PhotoRec find everything, but TestDisk doesn't find anything? If i could choose I just want the original file/folder structure back as the folders have associated files, but now I have to sort through random files and hope I can piece things together. Is this an impossible dream?