Need help with recovering partition WD My Book

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Need help with recovering partition WD My Book

#1 Post by hiawatha »

I have a 1TB My Book that was working just fine until I decided to use a program called Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional to copy another HDD to the My Book. After a few seconds, I realized how stupid I was and cancelled the operation and quit the program. It was too late and I could not access the drive. The drive did show up in disk management and also in devices and drives with a drive letter.

So, I booted into Parted Magic and ran TestDisk. TestDisk was able to find the partition and I was able list my files. I changed the status of the partition from Deleted to Logical and wrote new partition structure, copied the backup of the boot sector over the boot sector, selected Backup BS and then restated the computer.

I still cannot access the disk with Windows, but I am still able list the files using TestDisk. The disk shows up as RAW in disk management. I posted a few screenshots. What is the next step I should take?

testdiskmybook5.PNG (38.89 KiB) Viewed 1949 times
testdiskmybook2.PNG (10.87 KiB) Viewed 1949 times
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Re: Need help with recovering partition WD My Book

#2 Post by europanorama »

Dont try to repair. First backup the files. if some cannot be restored/backed up use knoppix-live-dvd to save them.
if deap search has found partitions make a screenshot and print it out. if you quit instead of showing files go back to quick search and show again the partitions. they will be shown much quicker the second time, almost immediately.
then show the files with "P" and copy them. go to the backup-directory you have setup beforehand(with left arrow). show it up on the side of testdisk. then copy the files to that directory. you can then see what will be copied. next go back and stay there for copy process. "c" to copy directories. its only once when finding the backup-directory you must execute the copy to directory-process with "C".
if i were you i would get orico docking-station 6518 series(hdd will lay flat). it has usb 3.0 and esata. but if you want hdd protected and you must carry it around then WD mybook is ok. btw: orico also has a copy-station where no pc is needed. it can also copy partitions. not so cheap.