Worked on GPT NTFS Partition! Thanks! Topic is solved

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Worked on GPT NTFS Partition! Thanks!

#1 Post by turionaltec »

I Just want to express my gratitude for this software. It saved me last night. I first came across Testdisk on UBCD4Win 5-6 years ago, and always kept it in my repertoire, and it saved my bacon last night.

Last night I was migrating a PC from a hard drive to an SSD. The system came with Windows 8, was GPT partitioned, so instead of using EaseUS like I've done before on MBR SSD migrations, I had to use Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite. I partitioned the HDD first to make it fit, and put the "overflow" data (Photos, documents, and downloads) on the new partition. After migration (which worked fine) I wanted to blow away the old system partition, EFI partition, and OEM restore partitions on the HDD, leaving just a storage partition. I set in Paragon, rebooted, and when Paragon ran on boot (before Windows GUI), it got some of the steps, then errored (I forget the exact messages).

When Windows loaded back up, the HDD had no recognized partitions (even in diskmgmt.msc). Had I not known about TestDisk I would have been soiling my pants at this point. I load Testdisk, went through the partitions with "show files", found the partition with my files. Quirky as the interface is, I eventually figured out to press right arrow to make the partition go from D (deleted) to P (Primary). Wrote the configuration, rebooted, and my partition with precious memories were there. I was then able to expand the partition in Paragon without using boot mode, and any data loss.

Hopefully this post comes up if someone is in a similar predicament and searches.