SD Card Undetected by the software

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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SD Card Undetected by the software

#1 Post by UTSquishy »

I apologize if this is discussed elsewhere, None of my searches were turning up what I was looking for (I have Weak search-fu today)

I purchased a 64 gig mini SD card.
I moved half the contents of my 32 gig mini SD over to it, and then I had to cancel the transfer (with the intention of finishing later) At that point both cards were working. I took both cards to work to get some files they wanted me to look at. I plugged the 64 gig card in at Work (into a MAC, at home I use a PC) and it wouldn't read the card and wanted me to initialize it (which I later learned is Mac talk for format?) (I did not allow that to happen)

When I got home it wanted me to format the card when i inserted it.

I've downloaded several Data Recovery/Partition Repair programs, including PhotoRec and they all do the same thing. When they ask me which disc to scan, the SD card is not available.

One program was sort of an exception, but I'm not too keen on $60, as I'm currently unemployed. EaseUS partition repair did not show the SD card as an option, but EaseUS file recovery showed the SD card and had it labelled as Lost Partition. When I ran the scan, it was finding all the files, but the free version only allows recovery of 1024 meg, and I know there's at least 19 gig.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm fairly certain the file structure was exFAT, because, before I took it to work I checked to see if it was going to be compatible with the Macs.

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Re: SD Card Undetected by the software

#2 Post by cgrenier »

All data recovery program uses the same function to access the disks, so your SD card should be listed with all/most of the data recovery program or none. Are you sure it's not listed as a PhysicalDrive ?

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Re: SD Card Undetected by the software

#3 Post by UTSquishy »

Ah, you were correct. It was showing as Physical drive 2—but I was misinterpreting the information about that drive, and I thought it was referring to a different drive. I ran it through a file recovery, but It found a lot of non-existing text files, and almost none of the zip files. So I'm trying something different.