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TrueCrypt (usb not recognized)

Posted: 04 Feb 2015, 22:46
by princesita
Hello, got a big problem here ... When I've plugged my USB-key(which is fully crypted with truecrypt) it asked me to run chkdisk, I did it ... Next it asked me "Recover chains to files (Y/N?)" ... I've clicked yes and after 20minutes of waiting it got not responding so I unplug my usb-key... After 5minutes when I've plug my USB-key back again it wasn't recognized, just not coming up in My Computer and in Device Manager it comes as Unknown Device... When I plug the sound knocks but nothing appears on my computer....

I'm willing to pay 100$ in BTC for anybody who will help me to fix this problem. I just need to get my USB device recognizable so I can mount it.