Android Phone Not Recognized

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Android Phone Not Recognized

#1 Post by mwhcrew »

Last night my phone stopped recognizing my microSD card on my Galaxy Reverb. I have tried seeral things to get the card to read, but it only says it's blank or unsupported. Today I've been trying to use PhotoRec, but when I start the program it only has my PC as an option for disks. I have USB Debugging enabled on the phone, and my PC sees the contents of the phone though it doesn't see any SD card in the phone. Is there anything I can do?

I'm mostly concerned about losing all the photos on my phone, please help! Thanks!

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Re: Android Phone Not Recognized

#2 Post by cgrenier »

You need to be able to connect your phone as an USB mass storage device.

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Re: Android Phone Not Recognized

#3 Post by mwhcrew »

When I connect the old one in the phone via USB to the laptop it sees the phone, it just doesn't see the SD card. I tried with it connected both as a media device and as a camera, those were the only options I had. I went out yesterday and bought a new microSD and it came with a little adapter to fit in an SD slot on my laptop. When I put it in, though, the laptop doesn't recognize anything is in. I tried it with the new card and it works fine, just not with the old one. Any thoughts? Thank you!

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Re: Android Phone Not Recognized

#4 Post by Rukbat »

Along the same lines, dd is available on rooted Androids running Busybox. And Android no longer has a "Mass Storage" option. Since a dd-derived image can be used from an iPhone, will the same procedure work using the image file produced by dd in an Android? I'm busy writing a guide for deleted file recovery for Android Central at the moment, so I don't really have the time to watch dd spin for a few hours, but I'd suspect that following the iPhone method (use adb with USB Debugging enabled on the phone to create the image file on the computer) would recover the deleted files.