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Recovering previous partitions?

Posted: 11 May 2012, 09:48
by LasseK
Hi all,

I thought that I could extend my data partition with unallocated space in windows partition manager. But after that I am not able to access the drive. Windows now wants to format the drive. Am I able to recover the partitions I used to have?

Here's a full story:
I deleted a raid 1 array of two disks and after that my windows wouldn't start. I decided to format and install windows to one of those hard drives and figured out that I could then access my data from the other drive that I left untoutched.
I could access my data but I had unneeded partitions like windows recovery partition and a partition in wich windows was used to be installed. All my data was on a third partition on that hard drive.
At this point I made a mistake.
I thought that I could delete those two unneeded partitions with windows partition manager and then extend the data partition with that unallocated space. But that didn't work. Windows wanted to format the disk before using it. I didn't format the drive but now I can't access my data anymore.
Can I recover the partitions I used to have before I messed this up. Or can I recover at least the files from the drive?

I would appreciate if someone could help me.

Re: Recovering previous partitions?

Posted: 11 May 2012, 16:54
by Fiona
Might be possible to have a boot sector diagnose usin TestDisk and Advanced.
But before it's advisable to provide some infos about your current partition table.
It's Analyse and the current partition structur in TestDisk.
It's important to check it first, before we go to diagnose any wrong partition.