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Partition recovery problem

Posted: 26 Feb 2015, 11:57
by windaub
I'm trying to recover a partition from a 2.5" hard drive
There is 2 partitions on it.
First time I tried I recovered with no problem, then I put the hard drive back in its laptop, and then it lost the second partition again.

Of course I didn't back it up. So I tried again, and now Testdisk sees the ACERDATA partition:

Ok it seems good, but when I press enter, the partition disappear again and testdisk only propose me to write the first partition:

I don't care about the first one, the only data I want to retrieve are on the ACERDATA partition.
If someone has any idea on how to retrieve it, I would be grateful!

[EDIT] I just forgot to use arrows to change the partition type before pressing enter, I figured it out