Repair BS with MFT

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Repair BS with MFT

#1 Post by clintizzle »

Hi there, first time posting.

I have a WD mypassport that appears to have a corrupt or missing filesystem. It only ever had
one partition.

Boot Sector Status: Bad
Backup Boot Sector Status: Bad

I used photorec and I CAN pull .jpgs and .movs from the hard drive (this is what I am wanting to recover)
I stopped it however because I want to rebuild the BS.

If I use "Rebuild BS" using the MFT, will the end result be a drive I can access with windows explorer
with all file names and folder structures retained? This is provided that testdisk finds the MFT and
is able to rebuild the Boot Sector.

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Re: Repair BS with MFT

#2 Post by Fiona »

Do you mean like in this case? ... h-t14.html
If Rebuild BS was successful, then it might be possible to write your boot sector.
But only in case if your data were listed!
Use the menu List to check either you see your data or an error message.
If your file system is damaged, please don't use write.
To recover a damaged file system is not recommended.
You can use data recovery software instead to have a try to copy your data to another intact partition or disk.