Convert dynamic to basic disk

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Convert dynamic to basic disk

#1 Post by jackdup »

Below is a link to a previous post however have not had a reply and am not sure how to get some assistance. According to a reply I received it is possible to convert the disk back to basic from dynamic using testdisk but I have no idea what to do. The disk has not been used since I converted to dynamic and found the disk is not bootable when it is dynamic. I didn't use it with the hopes of being able to convert it back and still maintain everything on the disk but need some assistance in converting it back so as not to lose any of the data. I had cloned the drive and converted the cloned disk back using a different program as I had not gotten a reply here but it loses the gpt/efi (at least I believe that is what it called it) so while everything is still on the drive it is seen as essentially being empty.

I would really appreciate if someone could offer some assistance in converting this disk back to basic while maintaining what it on it.

If I need to provide additional information in order to get assistance please advise and I will be happy to provide whatever information is needed. ... t4738.html

After converting the cloned disk back to basic and losing the gpt/efi I tried using testdisk again to recovery it and posted a request for assistance in this thread which shows what testdisk found but again don't know if the MBR needs to be rebuilt or what would have to be done to make it bootable and usable so if I could get assistance with either of the two drives it would be great. I would prefer to convert the original back to basic from dynamic as noted above but need some guidance. ... t4759.html

Thank you