Trying to recover partitions or at least specific files

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Trying to recover partitions or at least specific files

#1 Post by Chompirasfan »

Hello I am really new at this and have no idea on how to use dos.

Anyway, with the March Widows update, my computer crashed as it was getting updated and the pc shut itself up and well, long story, it kept getting frozen, till it no longer wanted to refresh from a saved image and had to restart everything to factory mode.

I was able to back up most of my important data sans for some of little importance to my Firefox bookmarks from march lol (I do have my february back ups but really wish to recover my latest ones).

Anyway, I installed your program but it is hard to understand and I was hoping for help from someone from Youtube but never replied back.

Using testdisk I get this:

Most Youtube videos say to go to Intel but I am getting the suggestion to go to EFI GPT.

I do enter there, once there, the highlighted partition is the one that has what I look for:

All of the march things there are what I am looking for but not sure who to get them:

Of course like saying I am looking for specific things, so do I have to use photorec to search the bookmarks and some files? Or how to use TestDisk on the shown partitions, anyway it would be of great help to tell me how to recover my stuff.

It would also help to know of a good program to check if my dirve is damaged, besides the one Windows already has. OK bye for now, I hope to get help.

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Re: Trying to recover partitions or at least specific files

#2 Post by Fiona »

Most computer today are based on EFI as a replacement of the old BIOS!
That's why it's not unusual.
Can you upload another screen of TestDisk / Ananlyse with your current partition structure?


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Re: Trying to recover partitions or at least specific files

#3 Post by europanorama »

To save data, use knoppix live dvd. in file-manager move your data to a seperate drive. i have a thread about this.
its easier to execute(with mouse) than with testdisk which is complicated. m. grenier should offer a better instruction.

How about studying instructions about this update-problem to be solved?