selecting * (=bootable) instead of D (=Deleted)

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Re: selecting * (=bootable) instead of D (=Deleted)

#11 Post by vedhas »

* I managed to boot using newly prepared Ubuntu 12.04 live usb.
* installed testdisk under 'Try ubuntu' (*NOT* install ubuntu)
* If I set the settings as suggested in the previous post, I get "Structure:Bad" in red on the screen. Should I hit enter and continue? Also, kindly check if '*', 'P', 'L' are as per your comment earlier.
Would continuing create any probs?
Structure bad warning/error
Structure bad warning/error
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Here's Some related link I found upon googling, but I do not understand any of this much, so just putting it for your ready teference -since my context + question is exactly the same.

The guy posing that question says in the end that the reply telling him about was directly helpful. Kindly guide me on this, whats going on here, what I should do, is it a problem with testdisk as implied by 'FWIW, TestDisk itself can create this problem, so its complaining about it is a bit ironic.' ?? Thanks, let me know.

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Re: selecting * (=bootable) instead of D (=Deleted)

#12 Post by Fiona »

Your Linux swap starts with the next sector after your Linux partition.
A logical partition within an extended partition needs a little bit more space.
That's why you get the message structur bad.
Might be possible to leave your current swap partition on D for Deleted.
You can add a logical swap partition using testdisk add.
In case I'd write some information on how to add a proper swap partition using testdisk.
It'll only create an unformtatted logical swap partition.
But you have to format it using a procedure like this: ... ition.html
Please watch the "Tips & Warnings" too!
Adding a logical swap partition on testdisk will automatically create an extended partition for both, your locical Linux partition and swap partition.
So there will be no need to use any utilities like gparted to increase the size of your extended partition to add your locical swap!