Give up - or keep scanning?

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Re: Give up - or keep scanning?

#11 Post by Fiona »

Can you run a S.M.A.R.T.-test on your disk using crystaldiskinfo?
The portable version is recommended because the installer (exe) contains Adware Open Candy.


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Re: Give up - or keep scanning?

#12 Post by turbomacncheese »

For what it's worth, I made an image of an 80gb drive and ran photorec on it to recover everything it could. Took less than ten minutes.

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#13 Post by THEnt »

I'm sorry to resurrect this thread after so long, but I have a 1TB drive that PhotoRec has been running on for 22 days, and by its report, it's only 2.8% of the way through the drive.

I did a copy of all data that TestDisk could read, using TestDisk 6.14, and while that took many hours, it wasn't as long as PhotoRec 6.14 is taking.

I saw Christophe's comment in an earlier post on this thread:
cgrenier wrote:It's really too slow. Do you see read error messages when processing using PhotoRec ?
I can't see any errors (where would I look?), and PhotoRec has consistently reported estimated time to completion in the 18000-20000 hour range.

I'm running this on a relative's hard drive, which contains photos from a large time span. The drive apparently lost power in the middle of a write cycle (or something), and before I undertake to try to rebuild the partition table, I wanted to recover as many photos as possible, corrupted or not, as it's the photos that are the important thing, and not the drive, itself.

I assumed that due to the large size of the disk, it was not unreasonable to expect a lengthy recovery process, but when I found this thread and read it, it raised concerns that there might be something wrong with the recovery process, even though it is proceeding, although very slowly.

I found this thread when I was browsing the forum to find out whether I can stop PhotoRec and restart it, without losing my place.


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Re: Give up - or keep scanning?

#14 Post by cgrenier »

If possible, connect the disk via SATA instead of USB.
Try PhotoRec 7.1-WIP instead of an older version.

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Re: Give up - or keep scanning?

#15 Post by THEnt »

Thank you!

I can't connect as SATA, at this point, because I don't have any machines in which to install it.

As it turns out, immediately after I sent my post, PhotoRec started picking up speed. It went from 2.3% complete after 22 days to over 45% complete in less than an additional 24 hours. My guess is that there was some serious file damage, and maybe physical damage (?) that it had to work through, first.

I'm going to let it keep running to completion. The next time I have something I need to recover, I will hopefully have acquired a tower with empty bays.