Accidentlly Deleted Mac Partition with Windows Bootcamp

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Accidentlly Deleted Mac Partition with Windows Bootcamp

#1 Post by XDeCX »

Hey all I was using Bootcamp on my Macbook pro 13 mid-14 I was about to install Windows 7 x64 I clicked "Delete Partition" in the windows install screen and then it dawned on me that was my Mac partitions!! :evil: So now I have 250gb of free space, i did not continue the install of windows I just shutdown the computer. I am now trying to see if I can get my mac partitions back. or at least the data? I dont know how to get Testdisk to boot off of a USB stick. I have another Macbook Air which could help with something? Let me know! Please!

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