What to do next, need advice on saving work data..

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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What to do next, need advice on saving work data..

#1 Post by gaston101 »

Hello, a couple of days ago I did a quite devastating mistake when I deleted the partitions on my main hard drive.
My computer is a Macbook pro, running a 512Gb SSD drive. I created a partition for bootcamp to install Windows 10. Popped in a Windows 10 USB installer. The installer told me something about not being able to install on the drive, terms like GPT and MBR where used. I very very stupidly ended up running [iu]diskpart clean[/u], after believing I could do that on the selected partition, but as it should, it wiped the drive, leaving me with one single partition.

I paniked, and shut down the computer. The last few days I've been trying to get back what I lost without any luck. I have been cautious only reading from the disk and not to make matters worse.

My current setup is that I'm running Linux Mint from a USB-stick, and I've installed TestDisk to this temporary system, but I'm confused about the results of the scans, aswell as what do next.

One big problem, I suspect, is that I used Mac OS X's FileVault to keep the hard drive encrypted, which I guess means that I will never be able to get any files back if I don't get back into OS X and decrypt FileVault.

I'll post screenshots of my progress below. I can not thank anyone enough that manages or tries to help me with this.

Launching test disk:

Selected disk, options showed. Selected EFI GPT

Selected Analyze, this turned up:

Results of Quick scan:

Continued with Deeper scan, results are quite distubing. A long long list of HFS volumes, this is just roughly one third of the results.

So I'm lost, it seems that the Beginning part is way to high doesn't it, I'm guessing block part 0 > 765000000 holds my lost partition, but is it lost forever

I'll also include the log to this post.

Again, any help, wildly appriciated, any suggestions, anything.

TestDisk log
(4.67 KiB) Downloaded 143 times

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Posts: 2
Joined: 19 Aug 2015, 20:20

Re: What to do next, need advice on saving work data..

#2 Post by gaston101 »

A modest bump, I haven't got any further, tried scans with different partition table types but no luck. Does anyone have any idea what to do here?