Newbie File recovery

Using TestDisk to undelete files
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Newbie File recovery

#1 Post by quovadisuk »

Hi need some help and expertise please : My colleague has accidentally formatted a drive ( I think ) but looking at the drive I am able to recover parts of the data that had been saved as PDFs etc however the main data that is required lies within the files and I think that is the "User data" files ... Is there anyway I can perhaps

Re un- delete the drive altogether ?

interrogate the drive to repair the drive from the locked partition ( that I think holds recovery data)

Interrogate the drive to take it back to an earlier time ?

Interrogate the drive get the drive to recover the user files back to desktop

At the moment the drive is connected externally to my laptop its a Western digital 320 GB SATA Caviar Blue

running windows 7

I felt that I did once find a DOS command that allowed me to recover a drive , but it was a few years ago and it wouldnt have been windows 7 so I am not sure

The software I have used so far is Data Lifeguard ( western digital software )
Recuva ( thats how I got some of the files back )

I do realise the more I use the drive , the chances are fading , ... The drive also wouldnt recognise the windows startup files , so WITHOUT distrubing the other partitions I managed to copy windows 7 back in and the drive now starts up OK ... I realise even doing this is pushing my luck , but I need to try everything I can

Any help would be appreciated . I am a newbie so try to keep things simple if you can or easy to follow please

Kind regards