Help needed with recovering data from RAW Partition

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Re: Help needed with recovering data from RAW Partition

#11 Post by harizsofia »


Sorry about the incomplete info before. I have done as you stated and the log is as below:

Sun Oct 4 21:05:17 2015
Command line: TestDisk

TestDisk 7.1-WIP, Data Recovery Utility, September 2015
Christophe GRENIER <>
OS: Windows 7 (7601) SP1
Compiler: GCC 4.9, Cygwin 2002.0
Compilation date: 2015-10-02T11:09:27
ext2fs lib: 1.42.8, ntfs lib: 10:0:0, reiserfs lib: 0.3.1-rc8, ewf lib: 20120504, curses lib: ncurses 5.9
disk_get_size_win32 IOCTL_DISK_GET_LENGTH_INFO(/dev/sda)=750156374016
disk_get_size_win32 IOCTL_DISK_GET_LENGTH_INFO(\\.\PhysicalDrive0)=750156374016
disk_get_size_win32 IOCTL_DISK_GET_LENGTH_INFO(\\.\C:)=121402917888
disk_get_size_win32 IOCTL_DISK_GET_LENGTH_INFO(\\.\D:)=295201358336
disk_get_size_win32 IOCTL_DISK_GET_LENGTH_INFO(\\.\E:)=311795656704
filewin32_getfilesize(\\.\G:) GetFileSize err Incorrect function.

filewin32_setfilepointer(\\.\G:) SetFilePointer err Incorrect function.

Warning: can't get size for \\.\G:
Hard disk list
Disk /dev/sda - 750 GB / 698 GiB - CHS 91201 255 63, sector size=512 - WDC WD75 00BPKT-75PK4, S/N:W -DXW187EW1HL23, FW:01.0

Partition table type (auto): Intel
Disk /dev/sda - 750 GB / 698 GiB - WDC WD75 00BPKT-75PK4
Partition table type: Intel

Interface Advanced
Geometry from i386 MBR: head=255 sector=63
check_part_i386 1 type DE: no test
NTFS at 5/25/21
NTFS at 2644/189/42
NTFS at 17404/121/63
NTFS at 53294/1/1
get_geometry_from_list_part_aux head=255 nbr=6
get_geometry_from_list_part_aux head=8 nbr=1
get_geometry_from_list_part_aux head=16 nbr=1
get_geometry_from_list_part_aux head=32 nbr=1
get_geometry_from_list_part_aux head=64 nbr=1
get_geometry_from_list_part_aux head=128 nbr=1
get_geometry_from_list_part_aux head=240 nbr=1
get_geometry_from_list_part_aux head=255 nbr=6
1 P Dell Utility 0 1 1 4 254 63 80262
2 * HPFS - NTFS 5 25 21 2644 189 41 42405888
NTFS, blocksize=4096, 21 GB / 20 GiB
3 P HPFS - NTFS 2644 189 42 17404 120 62 237115074
NTFS, blocksize=4096, 121 GB / 113 GiB
4 E extended LBA 17404 120 63 91200 254 63 1185541183
5 L HPFS - NTFS 17404 121 63 53293 254 51 576565153
NTFS, blocksize=8192, 295 GB / 274 GiB
X extended 53294 0 1 91200 254 63 608975955
6 L HPFS - NTFS 53294 1 1 91200 254 63 608975892
NTFS, blocksize=8192, 311 GB / 290 GiB

5 L HPFS - NTFS 17404 121 63 53293 254 51 576565153
NTFS, blocksize=8192, 295 GB / 274 GiB
NTFS at 17404/121/63
filesystem size 576565153 1
sectors_per_cluster 16 0
mft_lcn 15010230 0
mftmirr_lcn 3238 0
clusters_per_mft_record -10 0
clusters_per_index_record -12 0
Boot sector
Status: OK

Backup boot sector
Status: Bad

Sectors are not identical.

A valid NTFS Boot sector must be present in order to access
any data; even if the partition is not bootable.
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Re: Help needed with recovering data from RAW Partition

#12 Post by Fiona »

Sry for late!
Boot sector is ok and the backup of the boot sector is bad.
But I wouldn't sync it using OrgBS.
I assume that you have a problem with your file system too?
The safest solution would be to copy/backup your files first.
Use the menu List to list your data.
At the bottom of the display you'll find all the commands.
After selecting your files, you can select another directory/path through checking that two dots in the upper area of the TestDisk display
Each time you'll get one directory up until you get to the disk selection.
There, you can select another healthy disk or partition as a destination to copy your files to.
If you'd like to, you can create a folder for recovery on another disk/partition in advance.
You can enter a folder through select it and you can use the right arrow key on your keyboard to enter it.
If your directory/path as a destination is correct, you can press C to start copying.

After recovery you can consider to have a try to repair your file system using a command prompt with administrator privileges and running:
chkdsk driveletter: /r
Otherwise you can reformat your partition and copy your files back.

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Re: Help needed with recovering data from RAW Partition

#13 Post by harizsofia »


So sorry for taking so long to post back here... I just would like to say thank you so very much for your help. With your help, I was able to recover all my files. I really appreciate it!