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slow copying process... should i stop it? how to stop?

Posted: 20 Oct 2015, 16:11
by shinjan
i have a hitachi 2T hard drive with only media files as storage drive. while i was trying to resize the partitions, i accidentally deleted one partition.
i ran the testdisk. and deep search had found the deleted partition and the contained files.
i wanted to try recover the partition but thought i'd back up the files first.
so i use an external drive as the destination to copy files to. it's working but it's very slow. so far it has copied 50Gb and it took 8 hours. in that case, it will take 160 hours to copy all my files. that's 7 days.
so i am wondering should i stop the copying process and just go ahead and do the partition recovery? (which i have no experience and am not sure if it will work.)
the testdisk shows "copying, please wait... 660 ok, 0 failed."
is there a way to stop this copying process without messing up anything? how? simply press "q"?

i'm running windows 7 home.

any help is much appreciated.

update: 10/22/15
'q' doesn't work when testdisk is busy copying.
i had to close the program. it took awhile to respond but it closed.