Backup NTFS header

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Backup NTFS header

#1 Post by greenelephant »

Hello Everyone

I do know about the many data recovery software solutions out on the market (including CGSecurity TestDisk). But to my knowledge there doesn't seem to be a program that can scan and read the entire NTFS volume header (Including $Boot Sector, $MBR, $MFT, $Bitmap, $Volume and so on) and save it as a backup file. (Similar to how Truecrypt/Veracrypt offers its users to backup the Volume header file incase of the volume header on the HDD becoming corrupt an unreadable.)
Does testdisk by CGsecurity offer a feature within its program that will let the user backup a NTFS volume header as a bacckup file to safeguard against NTFS volume header corruption? If not do you know any programs on the internet that can perform this task? Any help I can get is appreciated