Cannot access other drives for recover to destination Win7

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Cannot access other drives for recover to destination Win7

#1 Post by eschelar »

I have noticed that several other people have experienced problems, but I cannot find any solutions.

The program interface does not allow going above the C drive to select other drives. Not with the arrows. Not by following a \. or \.. path. It simply does not work.

I am running a 120GB SSD for my C drive and a pair of 1TB drives for data. I'm trying to recover a few PST files that were accidentally overwritten. One of them is between 13 and 18 gb. I have around 50gb free on my SSD, but this is nowhere near enough. I've already recovered 50 files, but so far none of them is the right one for the most critical file.

I am now going through the drive to remove all the crap I can, but it's really not going to be enough. I've deleted over 200 files so far that are unnecessary and freed up just 8gb. I would guess that I would need around 250-300GB. (uneducated guess based on the fact that it estimated 4 hours to complete and after one hour, I had pulled already 45gb + one file larger than 10gb that failed due to "not enough space").

I have found a workaround - I created a junction by using this: mklink /J "c:\temp\Recover" "d:\Recover"
Hopefully this is helpful to other users.
Even more hopefully, the dev staff will implement something to make this program work properly in Win7.

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Re: Cannot access other drives for recover to destination Wi

#2 Post by BoarGules »

Look for the folder /Media on your boot device. Mounted drives appear (somewhat cryptically) as folders inside /Media.

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Re: Cannot access other drives for recover to destination Wi

#3 Post by Fiona »

Currently I'm testing to select another disk or partition to determine another destination.
Info will follow.


I've tested it on windows 10.
Did you have a try to select these two dots in the upper area of your testdisk display and press enter?
Each time you'll get 1 direcory up until you see all drives of your PC.
There, you can select another drive as a destination to copy your files to.
You can create a folder in advance as a destination on another drive and enter it using the right arrow key on your keyboard.
You can start copying files by pressing C.