Restoring partitions after RAID0 array broke

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Restoring partitions after RAID0 array broke

#1 Post by pesss » 21 Dec 2015, 17:52

Hi all,

I had a RAID0 consisting of 3 128gb ssd's as my primary Win10 partition. After BIOS update one of the disks was shown as
'non-member of raid array' and thus my laptop failed to boot. I have recreated the RAID array with the exact same parameters and installed Win on a separate hdd. Now to the fun part with restoring the lost partition.

For my surprise TestDisk found 5 partitions, not just 1 as i was expecting. On the RAID array i had only 1 visible partition which used to be my C: for Win10, apparently the others were hidden MS/bootloader intended.

As none of the SSD's physically broke, my data seems untouched i can list folders and looking around everything seems fine. However can you guys please help with the actual loading back of the partitions? What order should they be, how to determine if any of them are Logical or Extended ?



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