What to do now ?

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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What to do now ?

#1 Post by drofart » 26 May 2012, 06:50

Greeting rescue folks out here,

I am really confused, how to start.

First of all i was running on tripleboot sys with win7, ubuntu11.04 & ubuntu 12.04 installed recently for triel purpose.

1- I tried to join my two partition with gparted & ended up with file system corruption of those two partitions.
2- Then i booted with ubuntu12.04 & again install it on the previous partition after which i got to boot normally again but this time the whole process was too slow & programms started not responding every 1-2 mins.
3- Then I ran easeus recovery to recover my files from corrupted partitions but in half way windows encounter some problem & shut down followed by restarting to throw a blinking crusher on screen . That's it.

When booting from live disks it didnot detect my hdd. So i burn gparted live to a dvd & ran the testdisk & here is how it want :

First fdisk -l did not give me any result.

when i ran testdisk wrongly by selecting that it has been made after vista it want too slow gave me few errors so i quit & start it with right selection, this time it ran swiftly & it took 9 hours to complete the deep search with only one read error & wrong error with one partition missing results. image

Here is the result of testdisk /list after deep search image

When attempting to see disks with "P" it is saying file system error.

Note I don't have any back up & external hard disk & any other system. It the one & only of mine. :(

What to do next ????? :( full album of imagaes

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Re: What to do now ?

#2 Post by drofart » 26 May 2012, 09:35

Also how to get logs from testdisk in gparted live cd ?

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Re: What to do now ?

#3 Post by drofart » 26 May 2012, 15:50

One more thing, I know that using a damaged disk damage it further more. So if i am using a live usb to run ubuntu, can it cause harm to the disk as it is not detectable ?

more pics have been updated from bootmed general tests



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