Ended Up with 2 Logical Disk, any suggestions?

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Ended Up with 2 Logical Disk, any suggestions?

#1 Post by DBgeek »

Hi everyone.

I'm new to this forum, I don't know what the netiquette is here, but normally a brief introduction is appreciated. I couldn't find a dedicated section... so here it goes.

My name is Dario, I've been around computers for a long time, since early 80's.
Not a fan of gui interfaces, I like text ones better, but I'm now in a different line of work, so I forgot pretty much everything.

I looked into previous topics, but couldn't find anything similar to my situation.

Here's what happened.

Had Windows 7, installed from original sealed disk. Upgraded to 10 (MS wouldn't stop badgering me with popups etc.)

For some reason W10 couldn't be activated because W7 wasn't (how's that even possible, worked for months without notifying anything???)

However, I rolled back to W7.
Ok, it was stupid not to backup anything...

Automatic repair loop happened. In "Advanced Options" I was able to see the HDD as E: (IEO C:) All files there.

Tried to recover OS with the original CD, but for some reason the CD wouldn't read...even after multiple attempts. Bad Cd Drive?

However, I fisically removed the HDD from Laptop, relplacing it with another one, that was on this Laptop 3 years ago, running W7/64.

After 2 days of updates, the "old" system is working ok, but if I plug in the "looping", "rolled back" drive via USB, it says it needs to be reformatted.

I ran Testdisk twice, following the step by step tutorial, my files are all there.

However, somehow I ended up with 2 drives, IEO 1 (E: and F: IEO only E:).

Here's a couple of snapshot of my current situation. How do I proceed from here?
Testdisk 1.jpg
Testdisk 1.jpg (41.38 KiB) Viewed 1044 times
Testdisk Deep.jpg
Testdisk Deep.jpg (50.57 KiB) Viewed 1044 times
Disk Manager.jpg
Disk Manager.jpg (112.16 KiB) Viewed 1044 times
The goal is to recover my files, then reformat and reinstall. I can do xcopy /s if required, but since my files were organized in a windows 7 tree structure, with the User system folder etc. a gui approach would probably be easier.

Photorec recovery seems to be working, but changes all the names. As we are talking thousands, a partition/file system recovery would be highly appreciated.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Ended Up with 2 Logical Disk, any suggestions?

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Run TestDisk, select the disk, Advanced, select the partition, Boot, RebuildBS, List. If you can see your files, choose Write, confirm, Quit. If it doesn't work, please post the testdisk.log file content.

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Re: Ended Up with 2 Logical Disk, any suggestions?

#3 Post by DBgeek »


Everything is being recovered, thanks a lot.

I made a small donation, seemed only fair.