how to read numbers on TestDisk

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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how to read numbers on TestDisk

#1 Post by chrislee79 »

Hi. I am trying to recover the partition called [DATA] and there are 4 recoverable partition with that same name, as from the picture.

Could someone tell me how to translate the numbers from attached picture? I need to find out which one to recover.

i.e. 5420 7 35 29827 126 59 392195977 [data]

How could I translate this number, 392195977, into MB?

Any way that I can tell which DATA partition was deleted the latest, out of the four?

I was trying to merge DATA partition with unallocated space.

After it successfully merged, I ended up with one giant partition with unallocated space.

I had to then format it to see if anything is in it. I have not written anything on it since then.

Thanks for your help. TestDisk is my last hope!
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Re: how to read numbers on TestDisk

#2 Post by remy »

Numbers are :
Start of partition, in Cylinder/Head/Sector
End of the partition, in Cylinder/Head/Sector
Size of the partition in sectors.

If your disk geometry is C/255/63, the starting and ending position may be converted in LBA like this :
LBA = Cx255x63 + Hx63 + S -1

And size depends on sector size (often 512 bytes).