HDD initialize after controller printboard swapped

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HDD initialize after controller printboard swapped

#1 Post by Rodus » 25 Apr 2016, 10:08

Hello, I'am new to this forum and look for help. My Vista laptop died in action, and did not start up again. I found the HDD controller printboard corroded by a sticky liquid. I wanted to recover the files in that HDD and bouhgt a Sata > USB converter, as well a controller printplate with the same specs. On my Windows 8..1 the USB HDD spins, but I have no access. In DiscManager I'am asked to initialize the HDD and have 2 choises: MBR and GPT. In MBR it says: the disk is not ready. GPT I have not tried because I dont know the risk/outcome.
In Test=Disk and PhotoRec the HDD is not listed.
I have no Vista install DVD.
I want to recoiver the filkes on that DVD, and not repair the Vista laptop.
Any susgestions?

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