HFS allocated NTFS partition - TIME MACHINE accident

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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HFS allocated NTFS partition - TIME MACHINE accident

#1 Post by ercanguclu » 05 May 2016, 12:03

Hello guys,

I have a big a problem. Accidentally I chose my external hard disk while I was trying to take a back up with TIME MACHINE on my macbook. My external hard disk was NTFS formatted partition and there was 1.2 TB of files and TIME MACHINE convert it to HFS. I am so sad and desperate. I have a HFS formatted empty external hard disk. I am not familiar with this kind of programs or utilities to fix such problems. I will really appreciate any one helping me to recover all my files with all the clusters. There were a lot of clusters; pictures, MS Excell, MS word, pdf.... and all were clustered. I am looking forward to see any help.

Best regards.

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Re: HFS allocated NTFS partition - TIME MACHINE accident

#2 Post by cgrenier » 06 May 2016, 07:53

Your NTFS partition may be found after Analyse, Quick Search, Deeper Search. If the partition is found, set it to P(rimary) and on next sreen choose Write, confirm, BackupBS, confirm, Quit

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