Restore HP Laptop HDD`

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Restore HP Laptop HDD`

#1 Post by ateeb »

My HP pavilion M6 laptop hung up when i accidentally dropped it while using. Next, when i restarted it, the windows 10 logo stayed on for a long time (almost more than an hour) so I turned it off to prevent further damage to my laptop's files. The laptop failed to boot after that.

I took out the harddrive and connected it to my desktop computer using the sata cable, and I was able to see the 200mb system partition, a blank (unformatted) partition, the 21gb hp_recovery partition, and 98MB HP_TOOLS partition. It is a 750GB Hitachi HardDrive that came with windows 7 and HP utilities pre-installed. The blank partition mentioned earlier is supposed to be around 600GB in size.

I am trying TestDisk for the first time and need guidance in what should i do next.
I downloaded and ran the TestDisk application as administrator. selected to Create a log file when it asked. Selected the correct Drive letter (Drive I:) and the application Auto-detected the partition as "NONE" (unformatted). I selected "INTEL" and "Analyzed" the drive and came to this screen.

can someone well-versed in this regard please help me what I should do next? I want to save my files and restore the harddrive to its old bootable state.

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Re: Restore HP Laptop HDD`

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Do not scan I: but the PhysicalDrive instead. It's useless to search partitions inside a partition.