TestDisk doesn't recover files after some time

Using TestDisk to undelete files
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TestDisk doesn't recover files after some time

#1 Post by derhannes » 22 Jul 2016, 10:24

Hello, I tried TestDisk (7.0 & 7.1) both on my Mac and Windows - I have no Linux at the moment, but I think my problem lies somewhere else.

I have a corrupted filesystem (exFAT) ón an internal 1TB HDD and can't make it reappear in the "browser" but TestDisk shows me all the files. I tried to copy the files to another HDD and it works very well for a couple of minutes and then there are only errors. It seems like the HDD shuts off/goes in sleep mode because when I'm browsing on the HDD where I copied the files to it runs much longer.

I changed my engery settings already and it's supposed to not shut down.

When I select a smaller folder that is copied within the time frame it copies without failure.

Do I have to change any settings?

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Re: TestDisk doesn't recover files after some time

#2 Post by cgrenier » 22 Jul 2016, 12:59

Maybe your power supply is too weak to power all the disks...
Have you checked the testdisk.log file ? It may contain more information about the problem.

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