TestDisk file recovery loop

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TestDisk file recovery loop

#1 Post by asta324 »

Hello, I would like to ask for an advice what to do with TestDisk that got into a loop (at least I think it is such case).
My Win7 computer HDD with one NTFS partition somehow got messed up, TestDisk output said that disk contains multiple overlaping FAT12, FAT16, HFS, HFS+, JFS, CramFS and NTFS partitions. After deeper scan I found original C: partition and begun to copy it to external HDD.
While copying one .iso file (linux distro) the copying got stuck, it always copies whole 3GB file and suddenly starts again with 0MB (it is stuch this way for more than 6 hours).
I'd like to thank you in advace for any recomendations what to do.

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Re: TestDisk file recovery loop

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Which version of TestDisk are you using ? (Please try to reproduce the problem with the latest 7.1-WIP version)
The source filesystem is NTFS. What is the destination filesystem ? NTFS too ?
As a workaround in the mean time, skip this file... (Do not select the folder where this file is)

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Re: TestDisk file recovery loop

#3 Post by asta324 »

Thanks for the reply.
To answer your question, yes, the I'm copying from NTFS to NTFS. Before you have replied I found that promblem could be in mount.ntfs (I'm running TestDisk 6.14 from Parted Magicon the sick computer) it takes 35% of CPU resources.
Is there any other workaround (copying already took 2 days and the problematic file is deep in user's folder) ? Thank you very much.