Can I save scan progress??

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Can I save scan progress??

#1 Post by spyderrp7 »

Ok, so I have a 3TB drive, which takes a lot of time to scan.
For quick scan around 4days, and for deep scan, maybe around 10 days!
If for some reason I have to restart my computer, is there a way I can save the scan progress and resume from were I stopped??
For example, let's say I was quick scanning for 4days and it has finished quick scanning.
Now if I want to restart my computer, there is no way to go directly to deep scanning, I would need to start again with quick scanning and wait again 4 days! Isn't that right?
Any advice please?

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Re: Can I save scan progress??

#2 Post by manuyavuz »

I have the same question. I have a 1TB drive and deep search takes approximately 1,5 days.

Is it possible to save the result, or save the state while deep search continues progress?

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Re: Can I save scan progress??

#3 Post by Netmammal »

I've got a similar question. I did the initial scan, it looked like it found all of the partitions I was looking for, I hit enter to do <next>, and the darn thing quickly says something about not being able to recover the partitions, and then I'm stuck in what looks to me like the beginning again, with hours of scanning done for no good reason, but now I can only do the deep scan.

I use TestDisk fairly frequently, and this happens too often. I am probably doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what it is.

Is there a way to get TestDisk to save its state before its goes into the deepscan-and-never-return-mode?



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Re: Can I save scan progress? and scan time expectations?

#4 Post by Xhdjunkie »

Hello, it looks like no one has answered this question.

Scan time length, duration, days:
I have a 4tb drive and it took nearly a week to scan the first step. The deeper scan is on its 5th day and only at 55%.
This is probably normal, but do you think so?

My computer wants to restart too. So, can we save scan spots? I doubt it, but I no nothing about such matters.

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Re: Can I save scan progress??

#5 Post by cgrenier »

All partitions found are recorded in testdisk.log file. It's a text file where you can see the partition location. It's possible to manually add a partition if needed to avoid a new Quick or Deeper Scan.