Please help me in my case Raid 0

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Please help me in my case Raid 0

#1 Post by nagapavan49 »

i attached my disk boot status showing

and current test disk running status. test disk 1by 1 step and status boot status

should i create new raid 0 to get the volume back

one of the disk is not showing in the member disk
both are segate 1tb disks

in which order should i do i f i can create a raid to get the data back all the projects i done are in the disk(just brought and the first thing i done is copied all my project raw files :( which of these are caused the problem
1. unfortunately i uninstalled intel rapid store technology software(i didnt restarted the system after the uninstallation directly power lost and system shut down and started) 2. power failure )

help me please

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Re: Please help me in my case Raid 0

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Using Raid 0 lets you combine two or more disks as a single one. You get good read and write performance but if a single disk failed, the raid is broken.
Your screenshot shows a single disk in the raid 0 and the raid 0 as broken: the other seagate disk is marked as non-member!
You should fix this problem before anything else.