TestDisk and PhotoRec recover 0 files

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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TestDisk and PhotoRec recover 0 files

#1 Post by nel889 » 10 Oct 2016, 02:54

I woke up to my phones saying i had to format my sd card and i tried to place it in my computer and it tells me that it is corrupt and i have to format it. I really dont want to lose some photos as they include the last pics of my grandmother that passed away this year. i ran photo rec and it says 0 files found and testdisk when i analyze says partition sector doesnt have the endmark 0xaa55.
Its an 8 gb sd card and its stated as >Disk /dev/sdb - 8002 MB / 7632 MiB

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Re: TestDisk and PhotoRec recover 0 files

#2 Post by cgrenier » 10 Oct 2016, 19:18

PhotoRec should have been able to recover your pictures. I think there is a physical problem, you will have to contact a data recovery company.

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