Windows 10 "Rescan Disks" horror

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Windows 10 "Rescan Disks" horror

#1 Post by brianpr »

I had a Ubuntu computer with two drives, a 250GB SSD and a 3TB regular drive. I wanted to migrate to Windows 10 so I put all the files I wanted to save on the second drive and reformatted the first drive and installed Windows 10 on it. Now I'm 90% sure the second drive was formatted in exFat, but for some reason windows 10 couldn't read it. I opened up disk manager and it popped up a dialogue wanting me to initialize the disk in GPT.

I clicked cancel because I didn't want windows messing with data on the drive. My mistake was then going to the action menu and selecting "Rescan Disks" thinking it would just scan. Instead I think that prompted disk manager to initialize the drive to my horror. I then booted into an Ubuntu Live CD and it couldn't read the drive any more. So today I started a Test Disk. I chose Intel/PC partition (not sure if that is correct). I did an analyze scan of the full drive /dev/sdc trying to get my partition back to readable. This is the screen and log file it produced.
Image ... sp=sharing

It looks like what windows created after clicking "Rescan Disks." Can anyone suggest how I can repair my full drive partition and recover all the files? I think there was about 200GB on that disk.

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Re: Windows 10 "Rescan Disks" horror

#2 Post by cgrenier »

When you run TestDisk, after selecting /dev/sdc, choose EFI GPT, Analyse, Quick Search.
For each partition, use 'p' to list the files.
If you see your files, on next screen, choose Write, confirm, Quit.
If it doesn't work, please share the new testdisk.log file.

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Re: Windows 10 "Rescan Disks" horror

#3 Post by brianpr »

Thank you for your time helping me.

After running the scan I couldn't find my files in the partitions listed.
Here are the resulting screens. ... 1hwMklkRDQ ... HkzdjUyTEE

and the log file ... 3lPZVlLZ3c

I'm currently running the deeper search. Is there anything else you suggest from looking at the log?

Thank you!

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Re: Windows 10 "Rescan Disks" horror

#4 Post by brianpr »

So I ran the deep search and it pretty much came out the same. Files not found. :( ... m5tYksyZ1U ... 2l4MGl4Qlk

log file: ... mhuNnJwM3c

Is there anything else I can do?