macOS, .CR2 - Double check my method?

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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macOS, .CR2 - Double check my method?

#1 Post by suyen1 »

I accidentally deleted about 200 critical Canon raw files from my 6tb (1.6 free) working drive filled with hundreds of thousands of photos, and this deletion sadly propagated to my backups.

The deleted files were the last things deleted from my disks, and thankfully I caught it immediately, and no writes have taken place since.

I am currently running Photorec on the raw disk, searching only for .tif. It is of course returning a ton of files, over 120,000 so far. It hasn't returned the ones I am looking for yet, but the scan is only about half way done.

As far as I am able to tell, there is no way to undelete, or search only empty space on HFS, correct? So what I am doing is the most efficient way to search for these files, right?

Based on the specifics of my scenario, is it likely that the files will be recovered? Objectively I would guess that yes, they are there and able to be recovered, but we are 30 hours deep and it is hard to stay positive!

Any input would be most appreciated, thanks!

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Re: macOS, .CR2 - Double check my method?

#2 Post by cgrenier »

photorec should be able to recover your files.

photorec can not restrict its data search to HFS+ free space only. But it's possible if you combine it with TSK ( )

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diskutil list
blkls /dev/disk1s1 > hfsplus_free.dd
photorec hfsplus_free.dd
Remember that no file should be written on the partition you want to recover files from.

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Re: macOS, .CR2 - Double check my method?

#3 Post by suyen1 »

Thanks for the reply, that's good to know.

For what it's worth, I was able to recover my files! The entire recovery process was a stressful 47 hours, but in the last few hours the target files were finally recovered.

Thanks again!