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How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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RAID 10 Partition Recovery

#1 Post by bmccord »

I have a RAID 10 setup with 4x2tb drives, a couple days ago two of the disk got set to non-raid members and the raid failed. I have followed the following steps.
1) Enter the Ctrl-I configuration utility. Write your raid level, array size, stripe size and everything else that can be configured on a piece of paper, you’ll need this info later.
2) Set drives as “non-raid drives”
3) Reboot and create a new array identical with all the specifics you wrote down in step one.
5) Start testdisk.
Started testdisk and searched for EFI GPT, after a deep search it returns the following


The original partition was 3.7gb. Trying to list the files of the MSdata partitions results in the Can't open filesystem. filesystem seems damaged error.

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Re: RAID 10 Partition Recovery

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Try PhotoRec for a few minutes. If all recovered files looks junk or small files, the raid parameters are probably wrong. Find the correct parameters and try again.
Once it's ok, try again testdisk.

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Re: RAID 10 Partition Recovery

#3 Post by bmccord »

I seem to have figured it out. Here's what I did for anyone with similar problems.

1. Initialised the raid in Windows Disk Management as a GPT
2. Ran Testdisk again, After a couple seconds of deep scanning a partition showed up that was the right size, however upon stopping the scan it returned the following


I then found the following thread here viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1939&p=7033&hilit=c ... 0000#p7010 Which documented a similar problem.

I increased the cylinders by 6 as the OP did.
Once rerunning the scan in TestDisk the same partition came up but this time I was able to list the files and copied everything to a drive.
I then attempted to write the partition but TestDisk gave me an error saying the partition couldn't be written, however when I opened Disk Management and rescanned the partition showed up and I am able to access all the files.

Thanks for the help!