How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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#1 Post by harshcat »

HI, i made a big booboo and i'm really hoping i can reverse or at least get the files off my external harddrive

My old harddrive was failing and i didn't have a usb stick so i decided to used external harddrive, didn't think that it would now converte the external harddrive to this ESD-USB where my content is gone. It shows as 32 gig while normally its a 600 gig external or so. I'm hoping that my file is still on the external i just don't know where to start and how. Please any help would be appreciated. I can reformat i just wanna get my stuff off the external. I'm trying to use testdrive and i don't what the first step is. I guess i can submit any log or picture if needed. THank you

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#2 Post by cgrenier »

Some drivers may be missing to handle disk of big capacity...
Check if you can update the system on your key.

It's also possible to install a Linux LiveUSB on another key, see
There is an example using Fedora, there will be no problem to handle big disk, NTFS, exFAT...

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#3 Post by harshcat »

Its not the driver since it recongized what it use to be i guess the mypassport i'm just trying to use testdrive to backup the external harddrive and i'm just wanting to know if its still possible or should i just move on knowing my external HD is ruined

Again it use to be around 600 gig but i'm getting only 32
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