Sector size

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Sector size

#1 Post by unaaa »

How did you restructure the sector size?

So far I've only managed to change the sector size by using

> [create]
> Disk
> ['partition table type']
> [Geometry]
> [Sector Size] 512

from there I managed to restructure the geometry from 1024 byte to 512 byte sectors, at least it is shown in this way by testdisk. When I now run another program i.e. rufus.akeo to create a bootable usb flash drive, I still get a message telling me that the geometry is using a 1024 byte geometry instead of 512 byte-structured sectors.

Further If I quit testdisk from the [Geometry] Menue > [Quit] > [Quit], the sector size jumps back to 1024 bytes which makes me think, the restructuring was just not safed/written to the flash drive.

Can anyone let me know how to restructure the sector size permanently?

thank you

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Re: Sector size

#2 Post by cgrenier »

TestDisk can not change the physical geometry. The modified sector size is only valid inside TestDisk.