Accidential Full reformat of 320gb Seagate FreeAgent Go

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Accidential Full reformat of 320gb Seagate FreeAgent Go

#1 Post by gqmac420 »

Any help you all could provide would be greatly appreciated. Well this is my story. Yesterday, in the mail I received my new 2.5 1tb hard drive to replace my PS3's 120 GB hard drive. In order to save the remaining data on my ps3 current hard drive, I needed to use an external usb hard drive formatted in Fat32. However, I didn’t have one. Instead of buying one I searched Google and found that my 320 gb Seagate usb FreeAgent hard drive could be partitioned from ntfs to fat32. I used the windows version of the program guiformat.exe which can be located at ... format.htm . I was under the impression that I would be able to allocate a portion of the drive for fat32 while keeping the files I have saved under the original ntfs partition. However, I didn’t look closely at the program and when I clicked start it ran a quick format with a 4096 allocation on my usb hard drive, which after completion erased my ntfs partition all together and thus along with it all my files. The drive is now formatted with a fat32 file system with 297 gb free and 12.0 kb used.

Now of course my next question is how do I recover all of the files that were lost during this mess up. I haven't placed any new files on this drive since this occurred.