testdisk cross compile for android

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testdisk cross compile for android

#1 Post by LeoZhengyi »

I'm working on a project and made some modifications of the original testdisk. I'm facing some issues in compiling for android arm platform.
All the modifications I made are small and do not require any other packages or libraries. And I have successfully compiled it for i686 in ubuntu 16.04.
I think Android.mk file is useless and no other information in textdisk.pdf file Grenier provided, so I did follow steps:
(1)I followed the instructions on http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/Cross_co ... nology_NAS , use compile.sh arm-linux-androideabi instruction, but errors occurred and the info is "At least one of ncursesw/ncurses/pdcurses/curses library must be present".
(2) I download ncurses on arm from https://archlinuxarm.org/packages, and modified compile.sh to append --with-ncurses-lib=XXX --with-ncurses-includes=XXX just before the output of "Try to compile TestDisk", and still resulted in the same error.
(3) And I also want to change the sysroot folder of testdisk, but there is no parameter indicates that either.

So, could anyone help me on this by sharing a guide of compiling for Android arm? And it would be most thankful if it includes other platforms with some optional libraries (like NTFS-3g) ? Thanks a lot.

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