Not sure what I did but I just follow - TestDisk Rebuild BS

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Not sure what I did but I just follow - TestDisk Rebuild BS

#1 Post by christy2017 »

Hi Help needed

I have tried reading around but being someone who is a total noob in computing I don't even know what iam doing. I have tried easeus and renuvo (cant remember exactly the name of the freeware) but they are not helping at all.

So basically come across to testdisk and trying it now. What happen is initially I load a bootable win10 on my 2TB portable EXT hdd and ten it become FAT32 and only have 32gb..i got panic so I follow instruction and convert to NTFS from disk mgt and then I see unallocated of the remaining 1+tb of my data. Then it doesn't let me access so I follow instruction create a simple new volume from disk management then it becomes RAW and doesn't ready and said I need to format before I can use. which then I panic again and click No because don't want to lose my data.

So last night I tried testdisk and I click on rebuild BS as that's the only option with no backup BS available. my question now is what is rebuild BS- will that works like format feature and erase all my data? it is still running since last night.
Am I on the right path to use this feature without losing data?

I attached picture of my current running process. I don't know what its doing or what it even means. I just hope rebuild BS will not erase my files.

thank you:(
rebuild_bs.JPG (58.67 KiB) Viewed 2002 times

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Re: Not sure what I did but I just follow - TestDisk Rebuild BS

#2 Post by cgrenier »

I don't know if you have resized the screen but there is a display problem...
As there have been various repartionning and format operations, try PhotoRec 7.1-WIP on the whole disk.

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Re: Not sure what I did but I just follow - TestDisk Rebuild BS

#3 Post by christy2017 »

the picture is the full picture.but it seems rebuild BS not doing anything for me ..ive tried that it still says bad sector nd segment different etc..something like that.

Thank you and I have just tried use photorec and good to see that I manage to recover some files out to another separate ext hdd and it is still processing.10 more hrs to go.but not complaining at least is a good first step:) Can kinda smile abit now

However, it seems the filenames are all jumbled and no longer in my original folder.

Is it not possible to recover back my original external hdd again with all its respective folders? Ideally that would be best if I could get back my original hdd to be working again

thank you