NTFS partition - first 512MB overwritten

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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NTFS partition - first 512MB overwritten

#1 Post by pysiak »

Hi, I'm looking for hints on recovering a disk. Situation is:
1. USB Disk was NTFS formatted for ~1TB
2. I accidentally flashed an image designated for an SD card onto the disk
3. This means the boot sector, MBR, partition table, and first 512MB were overwritten on the NTFS.
4. This also means, the rest of the data, including $MFTMirr is there. (GetDataBack demo is able to recover data using $MFTMirr)
5. But I want to fix the Partition table and primary MFT *ON* the disk as I don't have another 1TB disk and it also is a more exciting thing to attempt.
6. The partition table contains a small FAT16 from that SD image.

How to recreate the partition table and MFT from MFTMIRR. I realize the first 512MB of the disk will be crap, but I feel it's possible to do in-place.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: NTFS partition - first 512MB overwritten

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Run TestDisk, Analyse, Quick Search, Stop, Deeper Search.
Set the NTFS partition to recover as *(bootable) or P(rimary). On next screen, choose Wite, confirm, BackupBS, confirm, Quit and restart your computer.