Feature Request: Don't save files smaller than X Kb

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Feature Request: Don't save files smaller than X Kb

#1 Post by FDD2020 »

Hello, First off it's a great tool very effective and it does the job splendidly!

I only have one wish. For me it would be perfect if PhotoRec had a option where i could discriminate files based upon their size.
Example, a HDD that's been used for years as a office pc. Often I find myself having to deal with 100.000+ 1kb thumbnail images :roll:
In the process of removing 4GB worth of 1kb files it seems like my system could catch fire any moment. Besides it taking annoying long to get rid of such a number of very tiny files
Even with high-end hardware, SSD m.2 for OS/Programs and a ZFS array with 6 HDD's for storage of the recovered files.

For me (and maybe others) It would be great if there was a option to not save those kind of files. Something like: Don't save files equal to 1~10KB / 10-100KB/ 100kb-1mb/ or even bigger like corrupt jpg files that are 300MB

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Re: Feature Request: Don't save files smaller than X Kb

#2 Post by cgrenier »

To delete all thumb files:

Code: Select all

for dir in recup_dir.*; do rm -f $dir/t*.jpg; done
To delete all file smaller than 100k

Code: Select all

find recup_dir.* -size -100k -delete