'format sd card'?

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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'format sd card'?

#1 Post by smash »

Hi ladies/gents, I'm new to this forum so forgive me if I have posted in the wrong section, I have a dilemma as I aware most on here have and are seeking a resolution.

My android phone sd card stopped being read as of yesterday, I hooked the sd card to the pc and it is still not read.

I searched the newt and came across 'testdisk' seems to be the only SW that explicitly says do not format the drive, contrary to many solutions I have read, therefore I have put a lot of faith in trying to get my issues resolved here on this forum.

To start I ran testdisk and I found a NTFS partition, bad boot sector, bad backup sector, no other partitions found, however I was under the impression my sd card was formatted in exFAT or similar not NTFS, hence I am not sure if this partition found was a previous one, when I do look into the folders there are two folders there I recognise but I know there should be more folders/files if this is my current data.

I initially selected 'create' this then presented me with a disk option and a drive option, I wasn't sure which one to choose, so I looked into both separately, selecting disk /dev/sdc I then selected intel, I then selected analyse and it found 2 x FAT LBA; here;Image

I then click return to 'search' and it returned this Image, when I click 'p' I see folders and files, but not all as I know more should be present.

I am stuck from this point what I need to do, as I do not want to 'write' if I do not have all folders files present (viewable) to apply the fix to Image. If I simply quit and go back one step and press continue I get this screen: Image.I need advice, please, as preforming a deeper search results nothing.

I really need to know what I need to do and can my sd card be repaired.

The alternative is if I select 'create' from the start up menu and then choose 'drive' like here: Image, intel then analyse, I get this: Image, searching results nothing.

Please, I maybe a noobie to this but as SW Engineers and coders normally ask or require a donation, then I am more than happy to donate if it resolves my issues completely, or if some good Samaritan can lead the way I am more than happy to try anything if it results in a fix.

I appreciate your time reading and hope for some good feddabck to my issues.



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Re: 'format sd card'?

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Choose to write this partition, confirm and Quit.
Try to navigate on your SD card. If some files are missing, run PhotoRec.

Good luck

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Re: 'format sd card'?

#3 Post by smash »

Hi will using a different pc give different results, the reason I ask is I used a work pc this morning to view the sd card and run testdisk and I don;t have any of the options I had yesterday.

intel, analyse

now I get;

speedstor bad
2 speedstor bad
3 speedstor bad
4 speedstor bad
relative sector bad

choosing; none, analyse; it finds exFAT partiion, under boot, boot ok, backup boot ok

Please help

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Re: 'format sd card'?

#4 Post by smash »

Can anyone help me, please