How do I stop file copy

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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How do I stop file copy

#1 Post by cadillac1960 »

First of all, thanks for this excellent utility (using 7.0 testdisk).

I have run a 4 day analysis on my RAID5 array ( 4 x 4TB) and testdisk found the NTFS partition where all the data is stored. Before I choose to "Write" the partition information, I chose to list and copy many of the files in case things do not go right. It has been working great. I started a folder that is taking FOREVER (250GB), and have since found it on a back up drive. As a result, I would like to cancel the file copy operation (as it seems it will take another day or two to complete and I now realize I don't need), but can not seem to do so. I do NOT want to try Ctrl + C as I still need to recover the partition. I have tried arrow keys to move back directories, C, c, Q and q. None of those commands did anything. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your time in reading this and responding if you have a solution.


Win 7 Pro 64bit
Testdisk 7.0

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Re: How do I stop file copy

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Ctrl+C is actually the only solution to stop the copy. Write down the partition location before doing it.
Unfortunately you will have to restart the partition search. It's possible to manually add a partition (press 'a') and enter the values previously found. This way you avoid to wait for the partition search to complete.

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Re: How do I stop file copy

#3 Post by cadillac1960 »

Thank you so very much for your reply. Very much appreciated. And thanks for that tip about the partition params. That is a slick way to get back to it once you see you have the proper one.

I had already pressed Ctrl + C and was trippin' that I would not find my way back to the partition, but I actually got back to it pretty quick by cancelling the quick search right after it started, and ran the deep search. Within 15 seconds the partition in question showed itself. I was then able to get back to backing up other files that I have not yet found my backups for.

If you don't mind, I would like to make a few suggestions for the next release. I REALLY love this prog and I WILL be donating when this months check comes in. What I would like to see in the future is:

1. Ability to stop copy command for whatever reason user many need to do so without having to shut down program
2. Would like to be able to resize gui to full window size and/or adjust column widths
3. Have log file create new file with datetime stamp tacked onto filename. For example testdisk_2017Jun12_184553.log - The reason being, the first run I did with quicksearch took about 4 days (I know huge array) and when I used the Ctrl + C to end the program and stop the now unnecessary backup, that gave me a good log file. I thought nothing of running the prog and choosing "create new" log file for this next run because I thought it would create a new one and preserve the old one. That did not happen, it instead overwrote the existing one. I know, I could have appended, and I could have changed the name of the orig log file before I ran the program again (which is what I have started doing). But it would be nice if one did not have to worry about that and instead always had a new log file and the old one(s) preserved with unique file names.

Maybe these things are here and I just did not notice them. If so, let me know how to get to them if you can.

Once again, great prog and thank you so much for what you have done. You have saved the bacon for SOOOOOO many people including self.

I know this is getting long, but if you could, can you answer one more question for me? What function is used to do the copies from the recovery partitions? Sometimes it moves SOOOOOO fast. It moved a 32GB zip file for me in about 4 minutes from my damaged partition to a standard hard drive (the spinning kind, NOT an SSD or M.2). I don't think xcopy can do it that fast for me, so just curious if this is something that you are accessing from windows/dos or if it is something that is part of your code. Blazing speed and I love it.

The more I learn about this program the happier I am that you built it.

Thanks CG