Windows 7 Heads 240 not 255

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Windows 7 Heads 240 not 255

#1 Post by grahamjohnson10 »

I have just low level formated a Seagate HDD.

I then tested the drive with testdisk and the geometry was fine 255 heads

I then installed Windows 7 32bit and run the test again and now its telling me that the geometry is incorrect, its telling me my heads value that now reads 240 is incorrect and should be changed to 255.

The HDD works fine and windows 7 works as it should, no errors what so ever so how is it that testdisk wants me to change to 255.

I tested this and changed to 255 but that was the end, no more windows 7 :-)

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Re: Windows 7 Heads 240 not 255

#2 Post by Fiona »

If your disk works fine, just leave it as it is. :)
Microsoft changed from Intel standard since Vista / Win7.
Partitions are not aligned on cylinder boundary anymore, but mega byte boundary.
TestDisk works Intel standard but supports microsoft partitions.
If you confirm at Analyse, TestDisk displays your partition table.
Partition table is Intel.
Microsoft partitions might cause this message and can be ignored because they're not intel.
An example of Intel partitions; ... nd_logical