New Help with Partition Recovery

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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New Help with Partition Recovery

#1 Post by spudtrain »

My HP G62 Laptop (Windows 7 32/64) no longer boots - this HP does not provide recovery disks for this Laptop instead they provide a Recovery partition on the disk. However it seems both the Windows 7 O/S and the Recovery Disk partition is no longer accessible. I've tried every variation ESC, F4, F11, F8 and I'm not able to boot Windows 7 or the Recovery Partition. I'd like to recover both the Windows 7 and Recovery partitions.

I ran TestDisk v6.13 which seems to have found the Recovery Partition but not the Windows 7 Partition. The following screenshots illustrate what I've found:

TestDisk_Group1_Pics.jpg (94.6 KiB) Viewed 2430 times
The 1st Screenshot above shows the 1st, 2nd and 3rd entries/partitions are ALL not accessible - I'm assuming they all are damaged.

In the 2nd Screenshot above, when listing each of the entries via the "p" command (Print/List files) I get the following error message as shown in the screenshot: "Support for the filesystem hasn't been enable during compilation"

In the 3rd screenshot above - the FAT32 Partition (LBA) HP_TOOLS shows the file listing - I'm assuming the RED files are inaccessible. Is this correct?

TestDisk_Group2_Pics.jpg (105.5 KiB) Viewed 2430 times
The next screenshot above shows the results after selecting "Deeper Search" option. This clearly shows I have at least 1 partition that is corrupted.

The next screenshot above shows 2 partitions in GREEN that seem to indicate these partitions can be repaired by TestDisk.

The last screenshot seems to allow me to WRITE the two GOOD partitions - which I'm assuming will allow me to then at least BOOT the Recovery Partition and the HP Tools Partition - is this correct? I'm also assuming based on the above screenshots - my Windows 7 partition seems not to be recoverable by TestDisk - is this correct?

My final question is - if I do proceed with WRITING these two partitions will I then be able to RESTORE/RECOVER my Windows 7 partition?

Sorry if these are obvious questions - but as this is my first time using this tool - it's not clear to me exactly what impact WRITING the partitions will have on recovering my Windows 7 O/S and my data.

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Re: New Help with Partition Recovery

#2 Post by Fiona »

Your photos are almost not readable.
Looks like that you used the 64bit-version.
Would it be possible to use TestDisk 6.14-32bit and repeat your diagnose?
There is a description on the download page that the 64bit-version should only be used on machines lacking WOW64 as some features are not available!