My 3Tb HD went nuts! it says 3,86Tb (LOL right?)

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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My 3Tb HD went nuts! it says 3,86Tb (LOL right?)

#1 Post by AkipfeR »

First of all, sys and hardware specs:
Win 10 home x64 Bits!

Core i 7 4790K,
ssd120gb for windows,
st3000dm001 3Tb Hdd - this is the magical one that has '3,86Tb'
Msi gaming 7 z97 motherboard...
all the rest is irrelevant at this point...

So i was playing Factorio, than i need to restart the game cause i put some mod on it, next thing i know, steam i reopen it, would not open at i though i restart my PC..and so i did it, next thing i know my HDD is missing, on Win disk manager it show's up a misleading size: 3,86Tb..

When i try to inicialize thought windows disk mananger, it ask me if is MBR or GPT, i remember formatting to GPT cause i need one partition with such huge size, and i need more than 4 partitions on that disk (linux wise...)
so i set GPT, and select ok... says

the request could not be completed because of an i/o device error.

im trying testdisk, but no success so far..

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Re: My 3Tb HD went nuts! it says 3,86Tb (LOL right?)

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Try a DCO (Device Configuration Overlay) restoration, it can be done using the disk manufacturer tools or via hdparm under Linux, something like

Code: Select all

hdparm --dco-restore /dev/sdb
If you need to create a Linux LiveUSB, read

If you still have the problem after that, you may have to contact a data recovery company.