Is there any chance to re/recover data from false positives?

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Is there any chance to re/recover data from false positives?

#1 Post by kaiser » 29 Oct 2017, 15:56

I have a plenty of files (I can upload the tree of recovered file structure if you want) stored in my computer from 2 years ago which were generated by PhotoRec (7.1-beta) from the internal disk, the moment when I got stuck (even TestDisk failed to do the job) on a data loss incident caused by installing Windows on a continuous free space along with Arch Linux.

I lost one ext4 partition which contains ~100 gb, containing the Linux system along with important data (video downloads from youtube, firefox session, text files, documents, bookmarks, archives ..).

After investigating the output, I found a lot of data of pictures accompanied with text files and firefox history from fragmented the recovery results, but found few video files which mostly are corrupted. But I don't know why PhotoRec detected the name of packages and executables only.

I'm pretty sure that if I cloned the whole drive instead, I was able to recover most of filesystem on the ext4 partition, as I was able to see the files and read most of them.

At that point I was very busy to look back the results and investigate the files produced by the tool, because I had used to trust it, plus I wasn't aware of the fragmentation problem that may occur with the results.

Obviously, there is a lot of false positives about the formats and their content, from the results produced ..

Do I have any chance to recover the filesystem from the generated files? or at least get the **real** files' contents back from false positives?

I know my issue is from long time, but I need help.

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